Career Accelerator

A 6 week course jam packed with content and weekly accountability sessions to drive change.

Are you ready to be seen, to be the empowering leader you aspire to be; or is it just time to be in control of your career for the first time. If a lack of confidence, imposter syndrome or feeling unfulfilled is stopping you from moving forward. Then I am excited that you landed RIGHT here!

What does it include?

· Create an inspiring career map and strategy.
· Weekly coaching and accountability support.
· Learn how to build an outstanding personal brand.
· How to transform delivery to become influential.
· Develop your Executive Presence.
· How to communicate to and manage stakeholders.
· Ongoing maintenance plan.
· And so much more!

This program is perfect for you if you need.

· Understand your passions and which career choices will fulfill you long term.

· Actionable strategies that you will be able to utilise on an ongoing basis to empower how you show up.

· Templates and frameworks to help you lead better, influence better and create a stand out brand.

If you need additional career support and advice check out my website here for free resources, blogs and freebies...So much value is waiting!


Stop letting others control your destiny when all you need are the right tools for success. Take action to be more fufilled in your career, empower your leadership and be more visible.

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    Mandy Tucker

    Coach, Director and Diversity advocate.

    ICF Certified Executive Coach

    Who am I?

    I am a corporate leader with extensive experience in building a career I love and feeds my passions.

    I am your support, strategist and roadmap builder towards the career you seek.

    Some topics covered..

    • Build a stand out brand.
    • Be more visible on social media.
    • Advanced Networking.
    • Utilise sponsorship and mentors.
    • Impact and Influence strategies.
    • Career mapping to your ideal role!